Healthcare Ethics

Health Care System in Turmoil Discuss why the current health care system is in turmoil.  Identify two major problems of health care and analyze the impact of each of the chosen problems on consumers and the community.  Describe the…

Week 6 Benchmark - Drafting a Literature Review

   Week 6 Assignment Instructions  Tutor MUST have a good command of the English language Tutor MUST have a good command of the English language Sources need to be less than five years old and journal/scholarly articles.  Use…

SWOT Analysis

Complete a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) Analysis of a private, government funded or non-profit hospital within your state. You must analyze internal or external factors that could negatively affect or assist the…

Creating Your Ideal State (for Dr. Clover)

             Week 7 Assignment: Essay - Creating Your Ideal State          Due   Sunday by                  11:59pm…


watch a video on youtube called pleasure on unwoven. or store on it.  write one and a half paper on it, and  APA format. focus on the reflection on it. 

Module 10 Discussion - Don't Burn Your Bridges!

 Let us think a bit further out into your career and say you have been working at your current job position a year. You have a yearning to apply to another unit in the same facility or you are moving to another state, or you just want to…

Assigment 1

 Pls check the attached file. This is a response essay. Use APA

Counseling Adolescents

 Psychotherapy With Children and Adolescents 

Health Behavior SLP1

   Assignment Overview The Session Long Project (SLP) is a progressive assignment that involves assessing a health behavior; researching and identifying an evidence-based model or best practice strategies to best address the health…


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