Captivoice start in china

file will be attached with company description if you don’t know it

they want to start doing business in china

part 1 ( 3 pages )1. Industry and Competition Analysis

  •  To provide a foundation for your analysis, start with a survey of the industry. Who are your client’s main competitors? What are your client’s strengths and weaknesses compared to the competition, and what are the threats and opportunities for your client?
  •  Which School/College/University departments would find Capti most useful to them and in what way?
  •  E.g., tutoring, disability support / special education, ESL / ELL, foreign language, Athletics, instructional support, technology department, subject programs, student orientation, etc.
  •  Who is the best person to present Capti to at School/College/University?
  •  E.g., in College: Disability Support Director, ADA / AT Coordinators, CIOs, Provosts; Directors of Technology, Academic Affairs, Tutoring Centers, ESL, Academic Advisor, etc.
  •  E.g., in School: Principals, Superintendents, Technology and Instruction, Directors of: ELL/Bilingual, English Language Arts, Foreign Language, Special Education, Social Studies, Guidance and Counseling
  •  Which University/College/K-12 students are more receptive to Capti and would benefit from using it?
  •  E.g., students with print disabilities, ESL students, foreign language students, athletes, commuters, undergraduates, graduate students, students in specific subject areas, etc.
    •  Who makes the purchasing decisions about the product in question in the proposed market?
    •  What is the best time to approachthem about purchasing Capti? When assessing your client’s .
    • part 2 ( 2 pages) New Market Selection and Analysis Based on your analysis of the client and competition, identify most promising new market for your client. Where would the product be in most demand (people who want and can afford it)? Please first consider the market characteristics that are essential to the success of the product in the market, such as the economic, political, institutional and cultural factors. Based on a comparison of the countries that fit your criteria, select one most promising market that you believe has the greatest potential. Pick one! K-12 schools can be hard to reach, unless you have a way in. You may find colleges/students to be easiest to work with. Outside of the U.S. the main use case will be ESL and disability support. If you see another easy-to-enter market – go for it! Conduct an analysis of the market in terms of:
  •  Key competitors in the proposed market, their strengths and weaknesses, their pricing and promotion strategies, etc.
  •  Provide an in-depth analysis of the factors relevant to the success of your client in the market, including: o Cultural, legal, political, and economic factors that your client must understand to ensure the success in that market; o Consumer tastes and preferences with respect to your client’s product.

Evaluation Rubrics
7 – Clear and concise
list of the client’s strengths and weaknesses, threats and opportunities for its product,

review of the market selection criteria, the recommended new market clearly matches the criteria, brief but

insightful market analysis, strong supporting arguments, sources properly cited.
A good analysis and recommendation, but some elements are not strongly supported, some parts are

irrelevant or redundant.
1 – Impossible to figure out what the recommendation is, supporting arguments are absent or completely off the

point, not supported by credible sources.