Make a sentence to discuss each short case, the lectures for the case are attached

Question 3 : Because the purple billboards have distracted several Massachusetts drivers on interstate 95, the state legislature passes a regulation prohibiting all colored billboards.

Does Capone have an argument against the enforcement of this new law?

Rothstein, a close friend of Nucky, has announced his candidacy for governor of Rhode Island. Replay Baseball has made a sizeable contribution to his campaign.

Does Capone have an argument if Rhode Island lawmakers prohibit this contribution?

Replay Baseball has hired Margaret to deliver used baseballs to Rhode Island residents. Customers of Replay Baseball are mostly men and many have complained to Nuckythat they would prefer the baseballs to be delivered by men.

Are there any constitutional concerns if Nuckyfires Margaret because of her gender?

Question 2: The government has passed two new regulations impacting Replay Baseball. First, the federal government has passed a regulation mandating that all businesses provide lunch for their employees. Second, the state of Rhode Island has passed a regulation mandating that all businesses from outside of Rhode Island that sell used baseballs must package the baseballs including the label “dangerous twine enclosed.”

Nicky has contacted Capone, Replay Baseball’s attorney, to find out whether there are any arguments opposing the application of these new requirements.

Question 1: Nucky and Eli work at a local sports memorabilia shop in Massachusetts. The shop specializes in baseball autographs and the two believe that there is a market for the surplus of baseballs. Nucky and Eli begin to meet regularly to discuss the new business opportunity to market used baseballs. The two consult with their old attorney friend Capone to discuss the merits of the appropriate business formation for a new company.

What are the relative advantages and disadvantages of a corporation and a partnership?

What are the preliminary steps for Capone if Nucky and Eli decide that they would like to form a corporation?