Biology of the brain(Scientific Literacy), assignment help

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Written Assignment
Scientific Literacy
Information in textbooks is distilled from many primary sources. In science, these sources are scientific research papers that report and discuss original experiments and field studies. Textbook authors pick and choose their topics and their focus. What is included, emphasized, and discussed in a text is a compilation of a wide array of studies and a wide range of possible interpretations.
In this course, you are reading original scientific articles, preparing reviews, and discussing the literature. For this assignment, you are asked to read the following scientific research paper and select 3 vocabulary words that you feel are essential to the article and provide a glossary definition:
Nakao, Harumi. et al, Metabotropic glutamate receptor subtype-1 is essential for motor coordination in the adult cerebellum. Neuroscience Research 57: 538-543 (2007).

Choose at least three meaningful vocabulary words and using your textbook and college resources, find the definitions. Define the terms clearly and in your own words. Explain how the word or phrase is used in the article and what it means in that context. Be sure to include an active link to your source material. NOTE: A glossary of terms is an important component of any article review. Please see this course guide to resources for building a scientific glossary.

An example of how to build a scientific glossary:
For example:
Definition: This is a very important word from the article. The word refers to a lack of muscle coordination that can be a consequence of many different disorders including Parkinson’s disease, stroke, or poisoning. In this article, mice that were bred to not have certain glutamate receptors normally found in the cerebellum show an “ataxic gait.” This led researchers to conclude that metabotropic glutamate receptors could be crucial to a fully functioning cerebellum.
Source: Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine. 3rd ed. Detroit: Gale, 2006. 4475 pp. 5 vols.