Assistance with Paper and PPT , health and medicine homework

Delivery length of:
*Paper outline in conjunction with *Deliverable length of 8 pages in APA format with cited sources & a PowerPoint presentation of 7 slides with speaker notes of 200–250 words for each slide, (excluding the title and reference slides) that will be presented to the general meeting of directors.
Nouveau Health, a private, not-for-profit health care chain, took over the management of Krona Hospital. Last year, state officials began to discuss Nouveau’s proposal to build a new, replacement hospital in Banconota County. The new facility would have 74 acute care beds, four observation rooms, four surgical operating rooms, one c-section room, a 24-hour emergency department, a maternity center, an intensive care unit, and extensive support services, including physical therapy and cardiac rehabilitation. All patient rooms would be private.
* The CEO has asked that you expand that budget and provide a finalized budget that will take into account the new services offered. The CEO has stated that there is $3 million that you can incorporate into the budget for additional staffing, services, maintenance, and so forth.

Make sure the budget reflects the following:

Increase in revenue reimbursement
Allocation for the proposed improvements
Increase in salaries

Be sure to discuss the following areas:

Funding sources
Your methodology in revenue forecasting
How the new services will impact revenue
Fixed and variable costs
Project inpatient and outpatient visits based on current trends