Read Chapters 6 and 7, then choose three topics below and write a double spaced, one to one and a half page report on each topic. Prepare as ONE document, save, and submit using the instructions indicated below. (HINT: The report should be a minimum of 3 pages and no longer than 5 pages in length.)

  1. Research the branches of medicine that deal with bones, joints, and muscles. Name the various specialists who might work with patients who have problems with bones, joints, and muscles. Explain education and training for these specialists.Explain each condition as well as treatment.
  2. Cite ten (10) different types of fractures, including a definition of each. Number them 1-10.
  3. Explain the two kinds of treatment available for fractures. Give the definition of the two types as well as what kinds of fractures require which treatment.
  4. Describe the three types of muscles. Include the control under which each type functions.
  5. Identify ten (10) pathological conditions of the muscles and joints. Number them 1-10 and explain the meaning of each condition as well as treatment for each.
  6. Define ten range-of-motion movements of the skeletal system. Number them 1-10