Ashford University Kindergarten Teacher Position Presentation

There a example power point please follow it

  • K-12 Teacher: A school has been taken over by the state for poor performance. Based on the topics covered and the assignments you completed in this course, the new principal has asked you to interview for the lead teacher position. This position would make you a part of the leadership team representing your grade level and give you greater ability to enact significant changes across the school. You are one of only 20 candidates asked to apply for this prestigious position. You have been asked to submit a multimedia interview presentation instead of interviewing in person.
  • the position for which you are applying. for a kindergarten teacher
  • Describe culture of universal achievement and why it is important
  • Describe the 21st-century skills you possess and how you will use them (from Week 1).
  • Share your example of an instructional management plan (from Week 2)
  • Explain the value of collaboration and how you use it with peers (from Week 2).
  • Explain standards alignment regarding lesson planning (from Week 3).
  • Summarize multiple intelligence and why is it important to understand (from Week 3).
  • Discuss your approach to lesson planning (from Week 4).
  • Discuss your approach to assessment for learning and how you assess learners (from Week 4).
  • Explain the value of data and data management (from Week 5).
  • Conclude with a wrap up of your interview and an explanation for why you are the best candidate for the position.
  • Your slide presentation must be at least 8 slides (including the references slide) highlighting the main points of the above topics