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Hi Patrick. In the word document there is a sample of how the paper should be. Please in the entire paper, Kindly write in an argumentative tone or manner/style. Also use the rubric to check out what you might have missed. I have attached the thesis statement, please use that. Thank you.1.   GENERAL•   American Psychological Association (APA) is the standard format for the entire paper. â€¢   Minimum of 3 Level One Headings  (conclusion will not count as a level one heading.)•   Minimum of 3 references must be used to support the paper .2.   TITLE PAGE•   Title of  Paper (upper an lower case letters) .•   Student Name.•   School•   Class number.•   Instructors Name.•   Date.CONTEXT•   The purpose of this paper is to expand the students understanding as it relates to ethical issues and their impact on the Profession of Arms and the Army. (Note: should be argumentative)Thesis:  While comprehensive benefits like Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) exist to support Soldiers, the persistence of BAH fraud indicates a critical leadership failure. Holding commanders directly accountable for verifying the accuracy of their Unit Commander’s Financial Reports is essential to deterring this unethical behavior and safeguarding military funds.  4.   BODY•   Identify an ethical dilemma or an ethical issue facing the Army, identify the root cause and discuss its impact on the force. Using the ethical lenses, recommend a solution to correct the root cause.5.   REFERENCES•   In-text citations will be used•   List all references used (books, articles, specific documents).•   All references will be cited correctly in accordance with APA standards.  OUTLINE SAMPLE BELOW