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Ambulatory Care Project Instructions

Each paper should demonstrate scholarly writing and use of appropriate references.  You will need at a MINIMUM 10 references from peer-reviewed/empirical journals and/or well respected journals (e.g. New York Times, Wall Street Journal).  However, the more references you have the better.  The format of the paper should conform to the specifications in the publication manual of the American Psychological Association (APA).

Logical flow, clarity of presentation, correct grammatical structure, and correct spelling should be evident throughout the document.  The paper should be proofread and free of typographical errors. If problems in any of these areas exist in the paper, points will be deducted.

The length of the paper should be between 7 pages, typed in “Times New Roman” with a 12-point font. Length refers to the text and does not include the title page or the reference pages. Use one-inch margins top, bottom, left, and right. Use double-spacing only. Do not make lists in the paper and write in paragraph form.  Do not use quotes, unless for definitions or particular emphasis, paraphrase instead. Use third person, not first (I, we, etc is not acceptable). Write objectively, not subjectively (no opinion, but fact).  Use the headings from the paper guidelines below as headings for your paper. Pay attention to the percentage of the grade for each heading and use that as a guide for emphasis in each section.

Paper Topic Choices

Select an Ambulatory/Outpatient Care setting.  For example:  Outpatient rehab therapy centers, Urgent Care Clinics, Emergency Departments, Outpatient surgery centers, Primary-care physician offices, or Diagnostic testing centers.

Suggested paper format: Below you will find a suggested paper format.

1. Introduce the chosen topic and discuss why this ambulatory setting is significant to the health care delivery system.

2. Discuss why and how this setting developed in the healthcare system. 

3. Review the literature [(peer-reviewed/ empirical journals and/or well respected journals (e.g. New York Times, Wall Street Journal)] regarding current trends associated with this setting.  Ex: What populations do they primarily serve? 

4. Discuss the potential impact this setting could have on health care delivery in the future.

5. Using the information we’ve learned throughout the semester; make at least three (3) recommendations for the staffing and policies you would put in place as the manager of this organization.

Criteria for Evaluation

1: Introduce topic and discuss why this issue is significant to the healthcare delivery system.

2:  Discuss how the setting developed in the healthcare system.

3: Review the literature regarding the current trends associated with the setting.

4:  Discuss the potential impact this setting could have on the healthcare delivery system.

5:  Make recommendations for the staffing and procedures you would implement as a leader of the organization.


6: Citation and Grammar (APA form)