Activity 2: Relate Economic Concepts Homework

Please read all directions carefully and use the template provided as an attachment…PLEASE PLAGIARISM!

Included in the attachments are the directions and template needed for this assignment. Also attached you will find the assignment from last week to help with this weeks assignment.

Activity 2: Relate Economic Concepts to Current Events (30 points)

As your knowledge of economic concepts grows, it’s helpful to practice talking about them in terms of current events you might see at work or home.

Select one of the economic concepts covered in weeks 1–2 (scarcity, supply, demand, choice, equilibrium) and answer these questions:

1. What is the economic concept you selected?

2. How would you describe this concept to a friend or colleague?

3. What is a current event, article, or video that relates to this concept? (Include the URL link to a video or article that further discusses this concept, but do not use Wikipedia.)

4. How does this current event, article, or video relate to this concept?

Use the Activity 2 template to answer each question and submit your responses by the due date.