AA or NA Meeting Essay

AA or NA Meeting Essay

Due October 1, 2018 @ 11

Part Two: Paper- 70 points

Present information in a 3-4-page paper. (APA format), title page, no abstract, reference        page (minimum one nursing journal reference on topic). 

1. Name of AA/NA meeting: (2 pts)

2. Goals/purposes of the program (3pts)

3. About the group of clients in the group, please address the following:

a. How would you describe the group? (gender, age, culture, sociocultural other signs of diversity)? (10pts)

b. What type of content was discussed in the group?  Please discuss this in general terms only to maintain confidentiality. (10pts)

c. Was there a group leader or facilitator?  If so, how would you describe the leadership style? (Look up Leadership styles in text to be able to identify) (10pts)

d. Identify and discuss the relevance of at least three curative factors, you could relate this specific group? (If not identify and discuss three curative factors that you would have liked to incorporate for support and why) (10pts)

Please refer to class handout on Curative Factors found in clinical information on Blackboard.  

4. Who would you recommend this program/support? (5pts)

5. What teaching or prior considerations should clients be informed of to attend/participate in this support group? (10pts)

6. What was your personal response and identify two concepts you learned from this 

experience to apply to your future nursing practice? (10pts)