3.5 Reflection Journal: The Impacts of Stereotyping in the Workplace Environment

In this journal activity, address the following items in your response:

  1. Review the information from your Module 3 Readings and Videos concerning the topic Stereotyping. Your are not required to carry out additional research for this activity. The module readings and videos will suffice, however, you must make them applicable to the Aviation Maintenance work environment.
  2. Reflect upon a time where you were victim to stereotyping in a workplace environment. This situation could be one of the following: you witnessed other colleagues in a situation where stereotyping was the issue, you were the individual being stereotyped, or you were the individual stereotyping another. Express how the situation made your feel as well as how it impacted the workplace environment.
  3. Considering the aviation industry, explain how important it is to refrain from stereotyping a colleague in an Aviation Maintenance work environment. Include how this factor could cause safety and human factors (MRM) issues. Furthermore, discuss how the role of the leader in a global environment sets the standards for the workplace environment.


Read the following resources to increase your understanding of cultural diversity within the aviation industry.

From the Web: