21. Self-directed teams are teams. a. temporary b. permanent

21. Self-directedteams are teams.
a. temporaryb. permanentc. ad-hocd. taskforcee. noneof the above
22. TheSwarmBot team is an example of
a.a special-purpose team.b. aself-managed work team.c. avertical team.d. acommittee.e. adiagonal team.
23. Self-directedteams consist of 5 to 20 workers.
a. unionb. non-unionc. multiskilledd. lowwagee. allof the above
24. Daphne isa member of a work team at Happy Dogâ€s Company.She and her teammates possess a variety of skills and are able toperform a major organizational task with little or no oversight frommanagement. Daphne is a member of a(n)
a. union.b. self-directedteam.c. projectteam.d. special-purposeteam.e. bureaucraticteam.
25. Which ofthe following statements is true?
a. Self-managed teams are empowered withdecision-making authority.b. Self-managed teams still rely heavilyon their manager.c. Self-managed teams have little accessto resources.d. Self-managed teams will eventuallydevelop into problem-solving teams.e. Noneof the above
26. A ______is a team that uses computer technology and groupware so that geographicallydistant members can collaborate on projects and reach common goals.
a. functionalteamb. commandteamc. virtualteamd. longdistance teame. taskforce team
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27. Cross-borderwork teams made up of members of different nationalities whose activities spanmultiple countries are called
a.self-directed teams.b.project teams.c.multinational teams.d.long distance teams.e.global teams.
28. Membersof ______ teams come from different countries or cultures and meetface-to-face.
a.interculturalb.internationalc.multinationald.virtual globale.distance
29. Membersof ______ teams remain in separate locations around the world and conduct theirwork electronically.
a.interculturalb.internationalc.multinationald.virtual globale.distance
30. ______ isthe ideal size of work teams.
a. Threeb. Sevenc. Twelved. Fifteene. Twenty-three