1 page discussion post for canvas.

Discuss two of these three questions. Explain why your group decided to skip the question you passed.

[1] You are the brand manager for a firm that makes herbs, spices, and other food additives. You have had complaints from some of your retail outlets that they are finding empty bottles of pure vanilla extract stashed around the store. Apparently, due to the high (35 percent) alcohol content of pure vanilla extract, people are grabbing the cute little bottles, having a drink, and getting rid of the evidence. Anecdotal evidence from store employees indicates that the majority of the imbibers are teenagers. The cost of placing a tamper proof cap on the extract is a relatively insignificant percentage of the purchase price, but will make it more difficult to open, particularly for older customers. Also, there has been a significant rise in sales to retailers as a result of the vanilla bean “addicts.” What should you do? [2] Describe and explain the rational for Hyundai branding activity? What is it that Hyundai did to develop their image and in your opinion were they successful – why? [3] Discuss the Wagman’s and Safeway case and identify differentiating factors and the research that could provide more insight into their relative advantages