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Discussion Question

“Theories and Practice of Teaching Adults” Please respond to the following:

Assignment 2: Observing and Evaluating Teaching Practices

In this assignment you will observe, document, and evaluate two (2) instructional sessions associated with adult learners.

The two (2) recorded instructional videos below


Use the Teaching Observation form here to complete the items on the form, EDU525_Teacher_Observation_Form _12_.docx

Since you will be assessing 2 videos, you will submit a separate form for each instructional assessment. Note: If you do not observe an evaluative criterion, do not rate the criterion and mark an N/A in the rationale/comment block.

  1. Provide the title of each instructional session, and summarize the content of each of the instructional sessions.
  2. Critique the overall effectiveness of each instructional session on the rating scale of 1-5 and include your rational for your rating.
  3. Assess the instructional strengths of each session and your reasons why.
  4. Assess the areas for improvement of each session and your reasons why.
  5. Compare the two (2) sessions you selected and state which one you prefer and why.
  6. Based on your current or preferred career, specify two (2) concepts you can apply from this assignment.
  7. Assess your lessons learned from using the “Teaching Observation Form”. Suggest at least one (1) improvement in the form.
  8. Submit the two forms in the Week 6 Assignment submission in the course. You may submit the assignment as one whole document but there should be a form for each video observed.

This assignment does not require a cover page since you will list your name on the Teaching Observation Form.